Park or Vet's Hall Reservations

Please print this page and return it to City Hall

(Print Name Clearly) (Date of Reservation)

Park $25.00 + $100.00 Deposit = $125

Vets Hall $40.00 Resident + $160.00 Rental Agreement Deposit = $200

Vets Hall $60.00 Non Resident + $160.00 Rental Agreement Deposit = $220

Upon an inspection of the building/park and key return, your deposit will be refunded.

Refund: Shred By Mail In Person

I UNDERSTAND: It is my responsibility to post a Reservation Notice at the park bowery no sooner than the morning of my reservations, unless otherwise approved through the Corinne City Offices. I may cancel my reservation up to one week in advance for a full refund. My reservations will automatically be terminated should Corinne City receive a returned check. Corinne City Corporation has the right to keep my deposit and refuse future rentals to me if deemed necessary.

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